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VENTURI featured on Sony’s Developer World blog

October 8th, 2012 No comments

Just a few days ago, project VENTURI was featured on Sony’s Developer World blog. Developer World is Sony’s hub for tutorials, tools and the latest technical news related to Android in general, and to Sony Xperia smartphones and accessories in particular. This site has a large number of visitors each month, with the World’s largest tech media sources often taking Developer World as a reference for Sony Xperia related tech and developers news.

Here is an extract from their post:

Sony is committed to be at the forefront of augmented reality (AR) research, which is all about creating live physical views that are enhanced by computer-generated sensory input. This week, Günter Alce and Klas Hermodsson from Sony’s mobile division are participating in the insideAR 2012 conference in Munich, Germany. Günter and Klas are part of the VENTURI project, which is all about constructing augmented realities in new ways, where the available information is presented in a ‘user’ rather than a ‘device’ centric way, which often is the case. This actually requires a change in how we think of and develop user interaction interfaces. Read on for more information VENTURI and other augmented reality research concepts!

Read more on Sony’s Developer World blog.

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