Second Technical Meeting, Valencia

The second Technical Meeting was hosted by eDIAM Sistemas in Valencia, Spain, on 30th and 31st May 2012.

The official agenda is available here: Second Technical Meeting Agenda (pdf, 377K).

Presentation slides in pdf format:

  • WP1 Project Management (FBK): WP1 Slides (464K).
  • Discussion about Integration: Introduction (613K), contributions from FBK (299K), Fraunhofer HHI (410K), ST-Italy about scene classification (762K).
  • Discussion about Y1 prototype (eDIAM): Slides (508K).
  • Discussion about Y2 and Y3 prototypes.
  • WP2 Architecture definition and development (STE): WP2 Slides (1.3M).
  • WP3 User interface and interaction design (INRIA and SONY): WP3 Slides (1.4M).
  • WP4 Context Sensing and Interpretation (FBK): WP4 Slides (1.4M).
  • WP5 Adaptive Content Harvesting, Creation and Delivery (Fraunhofer): WP5 Slides (6.5M).
  • WP6 Technology Integration, Evaluation and Test-cases (ST-Italy): WP6 Slides (749K), Benchmarks (415K).
  • WP7 Dissemination and Exploitation (metaio): WP7 Slides (609K).

If you need some of the slides in their original format (mostly Powerpoint or Keynote), please contact Michele Zanin

The final version of the minutes is available here: pdf (704K), docx (351K).

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