People and mailing lists

VENTURI people

A document containing a list of all people involved in the project is constantly updated and shared with all the partners.

You can find the latest version here: pdf (101K, Dec 12th, 2012).

For each person, you can find: affiliation, email address, mailing list subscription status, participation to various VENTURI meetings.

Mailing lists

All VENTURI mailing lists are hosted on FBK servers at :

  • venturi-all (archive): general discussion about VENTURI project, high traffic, 53 subscribers;
  • venturi-mgt (archive): VENTURI Management mailing list, reserved to Supervisory Board, Advisory Board, WPs leaders, Project Coordinator, Financial Project Manager, 13 subscribers;
  • venturi-wp2 (archive): WP2 discussion, 33 subscribers;
  • venturi-wp3 (archive): WP3 discussion, 13 subscribers;
  • venturi-wp4 (archive): WP4 discussion, 37 subscribers;
  • venturi-wp5 (archive): WP5 discussion, 17 subscribers;
  • venturi-wp6 (archive): WP6 discussion, 29 subscribers;
  • venturi-wp7 (archive): WP7 discussion, 19 subscribers.

If you want to subscribe to one of the lists, please send a request to Michele Zanin (mizanin at

You can access the archive of a list only if you are subscribed to that list.

The first time you try to access one of the archives, use the First login? feature to obtain a password.


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