This section of the VENTURI website is accessible only to registered partners and the material published here cannot be shared outside the project consortium.

The following sections are available:

  • Deliverables: status and final versions of VENTURI deliverables (all dissemination levels). Intermediate versions of the same documents and much more (project’s wiki and subversion repository) are available on the dedicated SteerForge page.
  • EU Documents and Templates: official VENTURI documents (DoW, CA, etc) and various templates (slides, deliverables, minutes, etc.).
  • People and mailing lists: a complete address book including all people involved for each partner, plus subscription statuses to the project’s mailing lists.
  • Phone Conferences: an up-to-date list of past and future phone conferences, with links to the minutes.
  • Publication Materials: like the public Publications page, but with full-text articles and additional material.
  • Technical Meetings: pages dedicated to all VENTURI meetings, including descriptions, agendas, minutes, pictures, etc.
  • Review Meetings: pages dedicated to VENTURI review meetings.

A reserved directory for file sharing is available here:

Login: venturi
Password: CH7dd5XM

If login and password will ever change, it will be notified here.

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