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User interface and interaction design

The objective of this work package is to investigate users’ expectations and reactions towards content presentation in a mixed reality fashion and to design the end-user interface to VENTURI. In a user-centred design approach, current and future audio and visual technologies will be explored to realize an interface and interaction design that ensures that VENTURI’s project goals are achieved whilst fulfilling user needs or
disabilities to a maximum.

Thus the objectives of this WP can be broken down as follows:

  • Design the end-user interface in accordance with the design principles.
  • Investigate new audio and visual technologies to fulfil user expectations.
  • Provide requirements from interface and interaction designs as input to the architecture design stage.
  • Explore new search methods to ensure user relevant media delivery.
  • Refining the design prototypes based on the findings of the evaluation phase in WP6 as well as any emerging AR standards from W3C for example.


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