Architecture definition and development

The objectives of WP2 are to identify use-cases and system requirements, and to provide the backbone SW/HW infrastructure for the rest of the project to work on. The current platform limitations will be addressed by speculating architectural extension to future generation platforms and the definition and implementation of relevant server-side services such as hyper-media APIs.

The starting point is with the existing STE platform as basis for the implementation of the AR framework. Later on, the focus will be on integrating major new key features and performance improvements on the platform in accordance with the scope of the project.

The objectives of WP2 will be achieved by performing analysis, adaptation, integration and optimization of available SW Layers, by identification of optimal mapping of AR libraries and SDK’s on STE X500 based platforms, by identification of SW, HW and IP-related bottlenecks and areas of improvement as inputs for definition and development of next generation platform (SW, HW). Given the complexity span of the challenges faced, the
approach will be based both on core technology-driven (i.e. bottom-up) and Use Cases-driven (i.e. top-down) approaches.

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