Project Management

Paris VENTURI Meeting
The main objective of WP1 is to ensure the timely and qualitative achievement of the project results through technical and administrative coordination as well as to provide timely and efficient organizational and financial coordination meeting contractual commitments. The management of the project is comprised of four main activities:

  • Administrative and financial management
  • Scientific and technological management
  • Decision making and conflict resolution
  • Quality assurance

Administration and Finance: This groups all of the activities to be carried out by the Coordinator and includes periodic reporting; document production and archiving; establishing and maintaining financial records; coordination and consolidation of annual cost claims, follow-up of EC payments, distribution of partner shares and the monitoring of payments according to the agreed procedures; executing and controlling global expenses; obtaining audit certificates and bank guarantees as required; assistance to individual project partners on specific administrative issues.


Scientific and technological management: This activity is carried out by the Scientific and Technological Panel and includes decision making and changes regarding scientific and technological implementation; the monitoring of the general scientific and technological state-of-the-art and market evolution; the monitoring of the progress of scientific and technological developments carried out in VENTURI; work plan maintenance and follow-up, monitoring of project progress, identification and trouble shooting of technical and organisational problems; scientific coordination meetings and the preparation of required reports; liaison with related projects and networks of excellence. The Scientific Panel also has the primary responsibility of monitoring gender and ethical issues for the project.


Decision making and conflict resolution: These activities include the organisation of meetings of the coordination and decision making body for project progress review, decision making and conflict resolution, modifications of contracts (consortium agreement, budgets etc.), adaptation of the project strategy and partnership if and as required.


Quality Assurance: This task includes the internal and external deliverable review, internal review of the results, tracking of the “lessons learned”. As a direct result a quality plan will be created.

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