Augmented Reality (AR) is a concept and a vision that has been with us, and will be with us, for the foreseeable future.

Yr3 demo

We’re starting to add visual augmentation into some devices, but we are only tapping into a small part of the available potential. VENTURI has helped to create a pervasive AR paradigm, where available information is presented in a ‘user’ rather than a ‘device’ centric way. This required a change in how we thought of and developed our user interaction interfaces, making ‘context’ the starting point of all interactions. Our goal was to create experiences that are always present whilst never obstructing.

Even now, convincing AR has only been demonstrated on small mock-ups in controlled spaces; we haven’t yet seen key conditions being met to make AR a booming technology: seamless persistence and pervasiveness. VENTURI has tried to address such issues, by creating a user appropriate, contextually aware AR system, through a seamless integration of core technologies and applications on state-of-the-art mobile platforms.

VENTURI has innovated and enriched contextual awareness: by exploiting a richer sensor set and innovative sensor fusion to extract layered context: at home/on the move; user type and level of activity; noisy urban/quite countryside; smart object/other user proximity. Responding to contextual factors and data connection state, VENTURI demos showed that it had the ability to change the modality of data delivery. Unfortunately, mobile platform evolution is not driven by user expectations nor by AR core technologies/applications leaving the AR user isolated from information, creating a poor sense of immersion.

VENTURI has exploited, optimized and extended the current and next generation mobile platforms by working with mobile manufacturers; verifying platform and QoE performance through 3 use-cases and applications to ensure device-to-user continuity.

VENTURIng out (Events, Conferences and public demos)
2014 Nov 4-7 ICDSC 2014
2014 Oct 30 insideAR 2014
2014 Oct 10 WiMob 2014
2014 Sept 12 ACVR 2014
2014 Sept 5 EUSIPCO 2014
2014 Aug 28 ICPR 2014
2014 Jul 15 My Augmented Reality
2014 Apr 24 IEEE ISSNIP 2014
2014 Apr 16 VENTURI in CORDIS
2014 Mar 24-28 PerCOM14
2013 Dec 3 PerCAM13
2013 Nov 6-8 ICT 2013
2013 Oct 10-12 Experimenta
2013 Oct 10-11 insideAR 2013
2013 Oct 1 LUCAS day

Videos of our 3 Technology demonstrators:

Yr1 demo

  • Official VENTURI channel on YouTube.
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